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Here’s everything you need to know about immigrating to Australia.

I am Dr Behzad Keramati Nigjeh, Registered Migration Agent in Australia.

I manage Oceania Visa & Migration Services.

I am at your service by providing a variety of specialized immigration services to Australia:

  • Educational immigration
  • Labor migration and skills
  • Business and Investment Immigration
  • Family migration
  • Tourism migration
  • Other types of migration

Registered with MARA

Immigration Services Institute Oceania Visa & Migration Services, is an official institution registered in Australia in 2008 and has an official license from the MARA office in Australia number 0849101.

Trained and experienced team

Our experienced immigration advisers and attorneys can assist and guide you through all stages of the following immigration programs and represent you when submitting your visa application to the Australian Immigration Service under Australian law.

High work experience

Immigration Services Institute Oceania Visa & Migration Services, Founded in 2008, it is one of the most successful and experienced immigration agencies in Australia. The institute has so far successfully completed more than 100 cases.

Guarantee realism

Lawyers of the Immigration Services Institute Oceania Visa & Migration Services by providing accurate and realistic expert advice, they will only take on cases that have a high chance of success. Although according to the law guaranteeing the result, it is forbidden by the lawyer and the lawyer’s obligation is only to the act and not the result, but we in Oceania Visa & Migration Services consider ourselves morally committed to getting the desired result for our clients.

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We help you stay up-to-date on immigration to Australia, get the information you need, and guide you from the time you decide to immigrate to the time you get your visa. This journey begins by filling out the free form below, and once completed and submitted, we will guide and help you reach the end result of obtaining a visa and immigrating to Australia.

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ویزای گردشگری و توریستی استرالیا

Australian Tourism Visa

The Australian Tourist Visa is for anyone planning to travel to Australia to visit Australia’s tourist attractions or visit family and friends.
ویزای کار و مهارت استرالیا

Australian Work and Skills Visa

The Australian Skills Visa is one of the best types of Australian work visas and many people from all over the world and Iran use it to immigrate and settle in Australia.
ویزای تحصیلی استرالیا

Australian Student Visa

Studying in Australia is the choice of many students who are looking to get a degree from the world’s top educational institutions as well as secure their future careers.
ویزای بیزینس و سرمایه گذاری استرالیا

Australian Business and Investment Visa

The Australian Investment Visa is of two types and provides the right to reside in Australia for persons wishing to invest in Australia for a specified period.
ویزای خانوادگی استرالیا

Australian Family Visa

Australian Family Visas has different categories such as engagement, marriage, children and parents and will be granted to applicants whose family member is an Australian citizen.

Other Australian visas

People who enter a country on a humanitarian visa usually have the opportunity to bring their family there as well.

Australia is an investment-friendly country because of the diversity of its workforce and the easy access of investors to its resources.

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