Information protection policy and confidentiality of users’ information in the Immigration Services Institute OCEANIA VISA & MIGRATION SERVICES

OCEANIA VISA & MIGRATION SERVICES believes that the principles of privacy and user information are very important and sensitive. This document explains the principles of confidentiality of information of this institute as well as strategies to protect the privacy and information of site users.


The contents of this document

This document contains an explanation of the private information that the OCEANIA VISA & MIGRATION SERVICES website collects from users and how to use this information. This information includes items that are specific to each user and can be used to uniquely identify users. Examples include names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, and other information that is not normally available to the public.

This document does not deal with matters that are not in the possession of the institution and the institution has no control over them. These include customer service companies of the institution and third parties who are not employed by the institution.

Information collected and how to use them

By registering and sending the order and support forms on the OCEANIA VISA & MIGRATION SERVICES website, you provide your private information such as name, address, e-mail address, etc. to this company.

After entering the site, you are not an unknown user and information about your use of the services of this site is stored. This information includes personal information and the like, but is not limited to these.

OCEANIA VISA & MIGRATION SERVICES does not rent, sell or share your information except in the following cases:

If OCEANIA VISA & MIGRATION SERVICES is merged with another company. In this case, before sharing your information, you will be notified and you will be asked for your opinion on continuing to use the services of OCEANIA VISA & MIGRATION SERVICES or complete departure.

If you violate the Terms and Conditions of Services, and if there is a private plaintiff regarding your performance, your information will be provided to legal authorities.

If the judicial authorities request your information – for any reason – from the OCEANIA VISA & MIGRATION SERVICES, this information will be provided to them.

The site of the institution may store a cookie on your computer and use it on your next visit to the site.

Edit and change personal information

You can change your registered information on the site. This information includes all the information that you entered on the site when you joined the site; Unless they have an identity for the function of account security criteria such as email and last name and…

You can leave the site and all its services completely. In this case, some of your information will be removed from the site and some of them will be archived for at least a year. This information includes name, surname, email address, mobile phone number, sent messages and the like, but is not limited to the above.

Restrictions on access to information

OCEANIA VISA & MIGRATION SERVICES restricts your employees’ access to your information, and only employees who need to contact you directly to provide services or perform their duties have access to this information.

To protect the security of confidential information, it may store important information such as passwords and passwords encrypted in its databases in such a way that if accessed unauthorized and unauthorized, this information can not be used by others. ; However, we can not give you any guarantee in this regard.

We hope we can guarantee that your personal information will be used to the highest security standards. CE OCEANIA VISA & MIGRATION SERVICES will strive to take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of any information available to you. Your personal information is also stored in secure networks, but unfortunately, despite the above technology and security devices, the security of any data transmission over the Internet can not be guaranteed 100%. Therefore, we can not guarantee with certainty that the information you send us will be safe during transmission (transmission) in any circumstances and in addition we can not be held responsible for any incidents resulting from unlawful access to your personal information. Accept. (As ISPs access information sent from your computer) OCEANIA VISA & MIGRATION SERVICES will not accept responsibility for the consequences of unauthorized access by a third party or group to your personal information.

Linked sites

This site may link to other websites (“link sites”). The linked sites are not under the supervision of OCEANIA VISA & MIGRATION SERVICES and the firm is not responsible for them. You should note that the personal information you submit to the Linked Sites will not be subject to the’s privacy policy, and we strongly recommend that you become aware of their privacy policy and security policies.


Changes in these policies

OCEANIA VISA & MIGRATION SERVICES reserves the right to make changes to the text of this policy at any time without prior notice. Although all users are notified of the changes by e-mail, but users are obliged to be informed of the changes by constantly referring to this text, and in case of opposition to it, request to terminate their service or leave the site and refer to it. Do not. Otherwise, all possible consequences will be borne by users.


Questions and Suggestions

If you have questions about these policies or suggestions for changes and improvements, please contact the OCEANIA VISA & MIGRATION SERVICES team using the contact form.