Australian Student Visa

For academic studies abroad, one of the preferred choices is Australia and obtaining an Australian student visa.

Studying in Australia is the dream of many young people around the world. Because the conditions of this country are tempting for education. Australian universities are among the best universities in the world and use the modern educational system. After receiving valid degrees from these universities, good working conditions are waiting for you. A study visa is the best way to enter this country for the purpose of studying. The process of obtaining an Australian study visa is very specialized and somewhat complicated. Actually, the most difficult step to study in this country is to get a study visa. In this way, you will need a lot of information and you will have questions.

The Oceania Visa & Migration Services immigration agency, along with its international lawyers and experienced consultants, is by your side to answer all your questions and guide you in obtaining a study visa.

Australian study visa

Why choose Australia to study?

Australia has been the destination of many students to study in recent years. But what is the reason for this choice? Australia is a multinational country with different cultures. As a result, immigrants in this country easily communicate with the environment.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Australia among students is that this country is English speaking.

This country uses the highest international standards for its education system. The teaching method in this country is based on research and practical skills are taught to students. This educational system makes you think creatively and progress easily in today’s fast-paced world.

The universities of this country have a high ranking in the world and you are sure that you are studying in a university with an excellent level. Also, the variety of subjects offered in the Australian education system is also very large.

Australia also has a high standard of living and the quality of life in its cities is significant. The crime rate in this country is low and it is generally a safe country to live in.

What documents do you need to study in Australia?

To study in Australia, you must first be accepted by one of the universities in Australia and then apply for a study visa.
To apply for admission to Australian universities, you need to submit the following documents:

  •  Identification documents with translation
  •  Valid passport with translation
  •  Four pieces of photos
  •  Academic transcripts of 12 years with translation
  •  All educational certificates with translation
  •  Valid language certificate
  •  Work records with translation

What are the documents required to apply for an Australian study visa?

Keep in mind to submit the required documents mentioned below along with the official translation.

  • Valid passport
  • Identification documents
  • Marriage certificate in case of marriage
  • Valid language certificates
  • Academic acceptance from an Australian university (offer letter)
  • Work records
  • letter of motivation (SOP)
  • Completing the required forms
  • Confirmation of Registration (COE)
  • Financial documents (showing financial ability necessary for education)
    Having education insurance (OSHC)
  • Documents showing welfare facilities for people under 18 years old
  • Having personality and health conditions
  • The age of the applicant must be above 6 years old.
Australian study visa

In the following, we explain some of the documents required for an Australian study visa:

Confirmation of registration (COE):

After receiving admission from a university in Australia, you can receive confirmation of your registration by completing steps such as paying the specified amount and obtaining an insurance policy.

Education insurance (OSHC):

having an education insurance policy, in addition to being required to receive registration confirmation; It should be sent to the embassy along with other documents. The validity period of this insurance policy should be as long as the duration of the person’s education and even a few months more.

Financial documents:

To get an Australian study visa, you must provide documents to show your financial ability to study and live in Australia. These documents are one of the most effective options for getting your study visa. The more confident you are about your financial ability, the more likely your visa application will be approved.

In addition to these documents, documents that state your assets in your own country are also important. These documents provide assurance to the embassy that you will return to your country after your studies.

Motivation letter (SOP):

The letter of motivation is one of the most important documents for you to obtain a study visa. In this letter, you should state your goals and motivations for studying in Australia. These goals must convince the examining board that you are on your way to this country with the intention of studying and learning and that you will not stay illegally in Australia after the end of your studies. In writing a letter of motivation, you should follow the points and things according to the political and social conditions and events so that the chances of your application being approved are increased. Even the order and manner of expressing these contents is very important. With more than 15 years of experience in this field, Oceania Visa & Migration Services will help you keep all the important things in mind and point out the most effective tips.

Welfare facilities for people under 18 years old

Welfare facilities mean a person’s residence and place of residence, facilities, food and such facilities. Some people choose a dormitory and use its facilities. Some others may use the stay home option. There are families who volunteer to accommodate students. The conditions of these people are checked by the government and education and if they are qualified, they can accept students in their homes.

Having personality and health conditions

In the forms you fill out to apply for a study visa, questions are asked about your previous illnesses and physical health. In some cases, you may also be asked for a health certificate, and to receive this certificate, you must go to the centers specified by the embassy.

What are the reasons for rejection of an Australian study visa?

There are different reasons for the rejection of an Australian student visa, which are some of the most common reasons below:

  • Your financial documents were not sufficient to study and manage life in Australia.
  • Inadequate grade of language certificate or invalidity of your certificate when applying for a visa
  • The documents provided by you are defective or their accuracy has not been verified.
  • Not having a medical condition (such that the Australian medical system would incur the cost of treatment)

Keep in mind that if your documents are defective and your visa is rejected, you cannot appeal. If the problem is solved, you have to apply for a study visa again. Of course, by registering a rejected visa in the file, your chances of success will decrease. Therefore, it is better to be careful in preparing and sending documents.

Australian student visa

Is it mandatory to provide a language certificate for a study visa?

The official language of Australia is English, and education in this country is also based on the official language. To get an Australian study visa, you must have received a language certificate approved by the educational system of this country. ITELS, TOEFL, PTE, OET and CAE certificates are accepted in Australia. However, it is better to check that the university of your choice accepts this degree before presenting it.

Some Australian universities accept the language degree with the condition of score, for example, IELTS with a score of 7 is the minimum score they accept. If your score is lower than the set score, don’t worry. You can get a conditional admission from one of the Australian universities and after passing a language course, if you are accepted in the desired course, you can start studying at the university.

What are the benefits of getting an Australian student visa?

The universities of this country have a high academic rank and are among the first-rate universities in the world
The immigrant-friendly culture of this country makes the problems of immigration fade away for you:

  • Living in a country with a high level of prosperity and security
  • The possibility of employment at the same time as studying
  • The possibility of obtaining a companion visa for your family
  • The possibility of receiving a scholarship for graduate studies. For example, after completing your master’s degree and strengthening your academic and career resume, you apply for a doctoral scholarship.
  • The possibility of obtaining permanent residence through a work and skill visa after completing education
  • Introduction to university-affiliated companies for employment at the same time as studying or after completing studies
  • The possibility of receiving educational grants (mostly includes master’s and doctoral students)

Is Australia an expensive country?

Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world. But keep in mind that it is still less expensive compared to advanced English-speaking countries such as the United States or England.


In addition to the high cost of studying in Australia, it should not be forgotten that students can work while studying and thereby cover part of their education costs.

How long is the Australian student visa valid for?

The validity period of the student visa depends on the duration of your studies at the relevant level. Usually, the validity of the Australian study visa, like student insurance, is several months longer than the duration of the study. If the study time exceeds the set deadline, you must apply for a visa extension.

What is the age requirement for Australian student visa?

The age requirements for sub-diploma courses are the same as in other countries and have a specific age limit.

For bachelor’s and master’s degrees, you may be able to get admission in a university at any age. But it is better to know that if your age is not suitable for that stage, the chances of approval of your study visa application will be very low.

At the doctoral level, the applicant’s age becomes less important.

Can I study PhD in Australia without a scholarship?

Studying at the doctorate level in Australia is of particular importance. By receiving a doctorate from one of the Australian universities, you guarantee your bright future.

Keep in mind that studying at this level takes a long time and costs a lot. Therefore, the chances of visa issuance for people without scholarships are greatly reduced. But if you receive a scholarship and entrust the work to experts in this field, the possibility of your study visa being rejected is very small.

How long does it take to get an Australian student visa?

This time will be different depending on your degree. For degrees lower than doctorate, this time takes between one and a half to three months. It may take up to 6 months to get a visa for a doctoral degree. Due to the long time of this process, you may not be present at the beginning of the new semester. But don’t worry and you can start your course one or two semesters later. Of course, to do this, you must inform the university so that they can update your admission date and student insurance date. All these cases are done by the experts of Oceania Visa & Migration Services in the shortest possible time.

What are the requirements for a study companion visa in Australia?

The accompanying visa conditions differ according to the applicant’s age. If the applicant is under 18 years of age, one of his parents can obtain an accompanying student visa or guardian visa. After a few months, the other parent and siblings under the age of 18 can also apply for this visa.

Students over 18 years of age can apply for companion visas for their spouses and children under 18 years of age if they are married. The accompanying person will be allowed to work in Australia if they have a language certificate and a suitable work resume.

Where do I start to apply for an Australian student visa?

1- Searching for majors and universities in Australia: Before applying for an Australian study visa, you must be admitted to one of the universities in this country. So, the first step is to choose a field and get admission from an Australian university.

2- Checking the desired options with the institution’s experts: At this stage, you can check all the available options with a consultation session with the experts of the Oceania Visa & Migration Services Institute and increase your chances of getting a study visa by choosing the best option. .

3- Consultation with an official immigration lawyer to Australia: If you intend to get permanent residence in Australia after finishing your studies, it is better to take this step seriously. It is very important to consult with an experienced immigration lawyer regarding post-study Australian visas before choosing a course and university. By doing this, you will be sure that your chosen field and university will provide you with the highest chance of obtaining permanent residence.

4- Applying for admission to study in Australia: You submit the documents announced for admission to study, so that we can send them to the desired university through the official representative of the university and apply for your admission. Many institutions do not complete the previous three steps for applicants and reduce the chances of obtaining permanent residency after graduation.

5- Applying for an Australian study visa: you prepare all the required documents. At this stage, the documents must be checked by the official immigration lawyer of the MARA organization and sent through the official portal of the lawyer. By doing this, the lawyer’s name and code will be registered on your file and your chances of getting an Australian study visa will increase.

After receiving the study visa, you can start studying in Australia at the beginning of the semester.

Final word

Australian study visa is a smooth way to get permanent residence after completing your studies. After completing your studies in Australia, you can apply for a post-study work visa and increase your chances of obtaining permanent Australian residency.

By completing the form below, Oceania Visa & Migration Services can accompany you throughout this journey.