Investment visa

Subclass 188B
در حال بارگذاری...

(i.e. in Stock Market, in Property Market, Passive Investment in a Business)

(i.e., 3 houses rented, 2 commercial properties leased, share in stock market in Iran, share in stock market overseas, passive investment in a factory, etc.)

(do you have IELTS or can you get IELTS results. What IELTS results do you have, or you can achieve in the next 3-6 months’ time)

(This includes, how much your business worth, the properties, share in the stock market, cash in bank, car, and any asset that you can show formal evidence of the value for the asset.)

(This is the amount of the money has come into your business in 1 years. For example, the total sales figure in one year. Please note the Turnover figure is different from the total Profit of the Business. Please select the turnover figure for one year out of the last 4 years where you had the highest turnover figure in one year.)